Free online training course for educators

Nowadays, digital technology has become an integral part of our lives, ensuring that education is considered a basic human right. To enhance inclusion and to remove barriers, digital technologies must be utilized to assist people with disabilities. 

DIGITABLE offers a free online training course for educators who want to develop innovative learning approaches to maximize engagement in online learning, especially by making it inclusive. It consists of 3 parts as follows: Synchronous online training, asynchronous online training and the development of pilot course. 

Register for the training course if you want to 

  • improve your digital skills, knowledge and ability to use specific methodological tools and approaches for distance learning, with a particular focus on designing online courses that are dynamic, interactive, engaging and inclusive 
  • modify your online classes so that they are more accessible and inclusive especially for people with sensory disabilities (visual and hearing) 
  • gain confidence in the use of digital tools useful for developing and implementing learner-centered instruction and interaction within the classroom group 
  • learn to implement inclusive tools and methods with hands-on activities 
  • contibute to equality of online education for people with sensory disabilities. 

During the synchronous training you will 

  • Discover more about the key factors of digital transformation 
  • Learn how to adapt your own skills and mindset to the new training context   
  • Increase your knowledge and skills about IT tools accessibility  
  • Develop teaching methods to facilite participation in the online classroom 
  • Learn how to adapt exting tools to inclusive training methods 

The asynchronous training will provide you with 

  • Interactive in-depth materials 
  • Exercises 
  • Examples of best practices 

In the pilot course, you will get a chance to be in a group of educators and learn by doing. Together with your group, you will design and teach a 2-hour lesson directed to mixed classes, formed by people with and without sensory disabilities. 

Technical equipment required: Computer with camera, microphone and reliable internet. 

Dates: September 2023 – February 2024 

Where: Online 
If you would like to enhance your practical tools and make the most of the potential of inclusive digital training, please fill out the form by August 31st!