Multiplier Event in Italy

In light of the prevailing health crisis, ensuring uninterrupted online learning for individuals with disabilities has become crucial, necessitating the utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Addressing this pressing need, the DIG.I.T.ABLE project has emerged as a pioneering initiative, providing extensive support to people with disabilities by facilitating their access to online services and content. Moreover, it seeks to equip professional trainers with the necessary technical skills to effectively deliver distance learning.

At its core, the DIG.I.T.ABLE project endeavors to establish a standardized training framework for inclusive digital trainers. This framework aims to enhance the quality of Virtual Education and Training (VET) programs, enabling participants to adopt innovative teaching methodologies, engagement strategies, and user-friendly tools that foster learner-centered inclusive digital training.

To effectively disseminate the outcomes of the project, the partnership has organized a series of multiplier events, including national conferences and seminars. These events serve as platforms for showcasing the project’s achievements and sharing valuable insights with stakeholders.

For further information about the multiplier events and to delve deeper into the project’s results, kindly visit the following link: