InterMediaΚT has concluded the DIG.I.T.ABLE training course in Greece

We are glad to announce that InterMediaΚT has successfully concluded the DIG.I.T.ABLE training course implementation in Greece! 

It has been both an impactful and enriching experience for the participants and our trainers as well. We focused on: 

-Improving the digital skills of trainers who wish to work more effectively with disabled people. 

-Learning how to make online activities truly accessible. 

-Take a look at tools and tricks that online trainers can use for working with participants who have diverse needs. 

-Just having a good time while trying to make the world a bit more inclusive! 


Thank you to everyone who helped us organize this activity and to everyone who participated. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. 

You can still benefit from the FREE e-learning courses by visiting the platform: