The DIG.I.T.ABLE project is aimed at inclusive digital training

The DIG.I.T.ABLE project is aimed at inclusive digital training, and we were lucky to receive feedback and suggestions from one of the participants who are also visually impaired!  

When preparing a training activity, have in mind: 

Make sure the participants can let you know exactly how many people with what kinds of disabilities will attend because preparing a truly inclusive activity is time-consuming, and it requires relevant information. 

It’s important to let disabled participants share their preferences in communication: not all blind people prefer the same ways to communicate some might like listening to audio materials, while others will prefer using a screen reader for working with texts. 

If a person with any disability requires your help, they will ask you for it. Try not to single out disabled participants when they are not asking for any assistance. 

Advertise it if your course is accessible and accommodating. Not all activities consider the needs of participants with disabilities, so you can’t expect people to assume that they can comfortably attend. 

Remember that “small” things can make an important difference!