World Braille Day, but what does it mean?

This day aims to promote Braille literacy and emphasize the right of individuals with visual impairments to access information, education, and culture on an equal basis with others. The day highlights the continued relevance of Braille in the digital age. 

Although Braille has been around for 200 years, it wasn’t treated very seriously in the past. The paradox is that now when institutions are finally starting to actively use it, the number of readers is declining fast. 

In the US, only 10% of the blind population uses Braille, and in the UK, only 1%! 

We have the technology, such as screen readers, to thank for making life more accessible for blind people. 

But that doesn’t diminish the importance of Braille as a hallmark of inclusivity. We just wish it had taken the world less time to start treating it seriously… 

What about you? Do you know Braille?